Parts & Accessories

At Hutchings our team of Vauxhall specialists are dedicated to helping you find the perfect part or accessory without compromising great value for money.

Parts and Accessories

Each individual part or accessory we sell comes with:

  • A Vauxhall stamp of approval that guarantees its quality
  • An unlimited mileage, 12 month warranty as a symbol of confidence in Vauxhall’s products

Find the perfect parts solution for your Vauxhall in Pontypridd near Cardiff.

We are proud to offer more than 10,000 varying parts, many we can offer straight over the counter, however, if we are currently out of stock of your specific product we can order it straight from Vauxhall and have it ready for you in just a few days.

Flex Connect


Vauxhall FlexConnect

Free FlexConnect Bracket worth £21 with any purchase of a FlexConnect attachment.
FlexConnect offers a range of handy carrying accessories for your Vauxhall. The bracket attaches to your headrest, then you just connect a FlexConnect attachment to securely grip tablets, hold bags, hang jackets or carry your drinks and knick-knacks.

Vauxhall Accessory of the Month

Accessory of the month

When you trade up on a selected new Vauxhall, you can get 20% off accessories, things are definitely looking brighter.

Sat Nav map updates

Find the most efficient routes and save time, money and fuel with updated maps.

Choose to navigate to your desired location via the best route or find a reliable detour to get to your destination on-time.

No need to worry about getting lost, holding the map upside down or stopping for directions, get from A to B with your newly updated navigation system which only takes minutes to update but could save you hours.

Click here to find your vehicle mode compatibility or contact our dealerships to find out more.

Terms and conditions apply, see in dealership for details.


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