Electric and Hybrid FAQs

Please see our electric and hybrid FAQs below. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us. 

What is an EV?

EV is an abbreviation of ‘electric vehicle’. It is a vehicle which runs completely on electricity. EV’s do not have an engine, they have an electric motor, which means an electric car does not require petrol or diesel. The vehicle can be charged at home or at an electric car charging point (located in public places across South Wales).

What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle? 

Also known as a PHEV, a plug-in hybrid vehicle operates by combining a traditional petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. This means that a plug-in hybrid vehicle can be plugged in and charged from mains power, just like EVs, but they also need petrol or diesel if travelling longer distances.

Vauxhall Corsa-E


Are electric cars cheaper to maintain?

Yes, electric cars are cheaper to maintain, there is no oil to top up or filter to change, no gaskets to replace, and overall, fewer moving parts to wear out, making them generally more reliable. It means much lower maintenance costs.

How do electric vehicles work? 

An EV uses an on-board battery instead of a fuel tank, which gets charged via an electricity supply. The energy is then stored and used to power an electric motor which sets the wheels in motion. An EV has no need for a clutch, gearbox or an exhaust pipe, meaning an EV is much quieter and smoother to drive.

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Can I save money? 

Yes, in the long run. Electric cars are initially more expensive to buy than traditional petrol or diesel cars but they can help you save money in the long term due to reduced:

Fuel costs

Road Tax

Congestion charges

Maintenance bills 

How much will it cost to charge my EV? 

On average the cost of charging an EV is just £4 for 100 miles of charge. Electric Highway charging points are also available for 30p per kWh or cheaper depending on your home energy supplier.

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Are EVs better for the environment?

EVs are much better for the environment. EVs have far lower carbon emissions than petrol and diesel cars. 

PHEVs have lower carbon emissions than traditional engines, but they’re not as green as EVs.

Is it easy to charge my electric car away from home?

Did you know, there are now more public charging points in the UK than there are petrol stations? The number of charging points is constantly growing, locations are updated via the satellite navigation system within your Hyundai or Vauxhall car. You can also access the latest locations here: https://www.zap-map.com/live/

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Are there grants available to enable me to purchase an electric vehicle? 

As well as the latest offers from Hyundai and Vauxhall, you can receive a discount off the price of a brand new electric vehicle through a grant the government gives to Hutchings. The maximum grant available is currently £3,000. If you want to purchase one of these vehicles, you don’t need to do anything, Hutchings will include the value of the grant in your chosen cars’ price.

Do electric cars need an MOT?

Like every car on the road, an electric car needs to be certified safe to drive so it needs to pass an MOT test like any other vehicle - after 3 years. The usual checks such as brakes, suspension and lights will be carried out, the only difference is there is no emissions test. 

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Are electric cars manual or automatic? 

Electric cars use a simple fixed-ratio transmission, therefore they do not require a multi-speed, manual or automatic gearbox. Opposite to a combustion engine, electric motors have a very wide power band.

How do I install an electric car charging point? 

Set aside just two or three hours, these units are compact, waterproof and easy to install. A certified OLEV (office for Low-Emission vehicles) installer will be able to assist you to ensure your home charger is installed to the highest safety standard. You may also be eligible for a government grant of £500 towards it. 

Vauxhall’s current offer gives all EV customers a free ‘ownership package’ which includes a free wallbox charger, Vauxhall care package and polar plus package which will provide customers free access to over 7000 charging points across the UK for a period of six months.

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What happens when an electric car runs out of battery?

Just like traditional petrol and diesel cars, your EV will come to a stop. New electric car owners tend to be more conscious of their range, knowing how far your electric car can likely go between charges should be enough to alleviate fears. If your car comes to a stop, you would need to be towed to the nearest charging station.  

Did you know, 94% of all car journeys in the UK are under 25 miles? And 56% of journeys are under 5 miles? On a full charge, a standard electric car can now run more than 186 miles before needing to be recharged.

Can I overcharge my car?

Both Hyundai and Vauxhall have built in precautions so overcharge, overdischarge and overheating does not occur on your electric or hybrid car.

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Are all electric charges the same? 

There are two charges, named type 1 and type 2, however, there is a universal type available that will fit both. Most current electric cars use a standard J1772 for 110v and 240v for charging, all public chargers are based on this.

What is the lifespan of an electric car battery?

Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, which are the most used in electric and PHEV vehicles can last up to 10 years or longer.

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Are electric cars dependable? 

Electric cars have less points of failure than other engines making them just as dependable as other vehicles, if not more dependable.

Who can service my electric vehicle?

Our authorised and fully qualified vehicle technicians at Hutchings Hyundai Swansea, Bridgend and Pontypridd and Hutchings Vauxhall Pontypridd can carry out regular servicing and maintenance on your electric vehicle. Our professional team will ensure your vehicle stays in prime condition.

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I had such an easy and great experience picking up my brand new car. Shane was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Hutchings to any of my friends. Thank you for all your help!

- Vauxhall - January 2021

We have bought several cars from Hutchings over the years, always a good experience. This was our first time buying a car online , made very easy and quick by Shane Childs, 4 days from enquiry to driving away, great service. Thanks again.

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Brilliant service from Hutchings again! Bought an i10 from Jason a few weeks ago, the third car we've purchased from him over the last 4 years. As always friendly, polite and efficient to deal to deal with, all our questions answered and a great deal with no hard sell. Great aftercare and servicing. Social distancing well managed. Very Happy customer!

- Hyundai Pontypridd - January 2021

Service was efficient and staff friendly.

- Hyundai Pontypridd - January 2021

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