Our Promise To You


We aspire to have delighted customers, who will remember us, return to us and recommend us to their friends and families


We’ll do this by welcoming our staff and customers into our family and using the knowledge and skills that we’ve acquired over more than a hundred years to provide an exceptional customer experience, be a great place to work and provide memorable, high-quality, cost effective services.

Value 1

To ensure our customers want to buy from us again and recommend us to others.

  • We’ll all listen to each other and make sure that we recommend the right products or services to meet the need.
  • We’ll all deliver on-time and on budget.
  • We’ll supply the highest quality service and products that work first time and we’ll correct any faults as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll all encourage and listen to feedback about how we can improve.

Value 2

To set the standard in everything we do.

  • We will never cut corners on safety or quality.
  • We’ll ensure that our service and products are the best that money can buy

Value 3

We all have a role to play in ensuring our continued success.

  • We’ll all aspire to ‘get it right first time’ in everything we do.
  • We’ll all look for opportunities to improve ourselves, our products, our services, our working environment and our community.
  • We’ll all work together to prevent problems from occurring.
  • We’ll all work together to solve problems if they do occur.
  • We’ll all fix the problem and not the blame.

Value 4

We’ll all be honest and open.

  • We’ll all be honest about what we do.
  • We wont exaggerate or over-complicate.
  • We’ll all give what we promise to give.
  • If we make mistakes we’ll all apologise and make good.
  • We’ll all listen and be honest in our replies, even if it means you wont like what we say (but we’ll never be rude or offensive)
  • We’ll all be straightforward in how we deal with each other.


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